All abstracts have to be submitted through the online abstract submission system.

Abstract submissions by the Industry are not allowed and will be rejected.

At least one of the abstract authors must work in Switzerland. In the case of multicentre studies, these must have been coordinated from Switzerland and the research protocol must also have been drawn up here.

Abstracts must be prepared according to the following guidelines.

Rules for the assessment of abstracts (oral presentations and posters) at 2024 annual congress

Registration of the corresponding author

Please note that the corresponding author MUST register before submitting an abstract in order to obtain a password to enter the abstract submission area of the site.

Registration for corresponding author

If you have already registered as corresponding author, proceed directly to the online submission system.


Please use Upper and Lower case letters for your title.


Author or authors' names: full first name(s), middle initial(s), full family name


Affiliation details of all authors: department; institution / hospital; city; country (if relevant)


The entire abstract including the title (in bold, upper and lower case characters), authors (not bold!), affiliation (not bold), abstract text, figure(s) and table(s) must be submitted as a pdf file.
This file will be used for the abstract book (printed as a supplement of the journal "Swiss Medical Weekly").
Please divide your abstract in 4 paragraphs: background, methods, results, conclusions.
Write your abstract in a text editing program (e.g. Microsoft Word).
Use one A4 page (one page is the maximum allowed length of abstract !!!), set margins to 25mm on all sides.
The only fonts to be used are Arial or Helvetica.
Minimum fonts size = 16 (This is very important, because for printing the abstract book, the abstracts will be reduced to 50% of their size in order to print 4 abstracts per A4 page. If you use smaller fonts, your abstracts will not be readable in the abstract book.)
Integrate all tables and figures in the word document.
Safe the document as a .doc file.
Convert the .doc file into a .pdf file and safe this pdf file either using Adobe Acrobat or the program FreePDF (Get FreePDF). You will have to submit the pdf file of your abstract later during the submission process.

Abstracts for video sessions

We encourage the submission of videos for the corresponding dedicated sessions of the congress. If you are interestered to submit a video, please submit a text abstract first via the regular online submission system, describing the content of your video in detail.
Video presentations will be selected based on this abstract and presenters shall be informed at the beginning of July. The finalized video will then have to be submitted for review by the Scientific Committee by mid-August.

Submit the abstract using the online submission system.


A group of abstract reviewers will score the abstracts.

Abstracts may be refused without reasons being given.

Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to present their work orally (10-minutes presentation) or as a poster. A final decision of the presentation format will be made by the Scientific Committee.

Eingabefrist für Abstracts / Délai de soumission des résumés / Abstract submission deadline: 31.5.2024